Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Today I had my first real experience with the German government. I had to go to the Bürgerbüro and declare myself here so I wasn't here illegally. I was somewhat worried about the process, because I don't have a lease for my apartment yet, and I didn't know if I would need it. Turns out, I just had to fill out a few forms here at the Institute, walk a short way to the Neue Rathaus (new city hall - the old city hall is now a museum celebrating the history of Wittenberg. Makes sense when the city has grown quite a lot over the past 500 years!) and meet with one of the workers who entered my information into the computer. All that worry for nothing!

I was going to write something witty about nudity and its abundance in Europe, but I am lacking in motivation. Maybe tomorrow, eh?

Also, I'm looking for clever craft projects that I can work on without a big expense. I'm currently working on a celestial cross-stitch that I've had for about 5 years. Any suggestions? (There is a craft store down the street, but I haven't checked it out yet...)

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