Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ah, November Rain... er, October Rain

Sorry, the title of this entry was inspired by Guns N Roses, because 'November Rain' is currently playing on LaunchCast Radio. I wonder if I can finish it before the 8:57 minute long song is complete?

Anyway, I am still working on the London entry. It'll be posted this week, I promise. I've just had a lot to do this week (surprisingly!), including making ice-breaker games for a meet-n-greet last night, go out to dinner with Sven (who I think is moving to England -- sadness!), make buckeyes (yeah, still haven't done it), create liner notes and compile lyrics for a cd swap I am in (must do that before this weekend! must!), and so on, and so on.

Pamela is coming this weekend for Reformationsfest. And Bridget and Cathy as well, maybe. It should be a super fun weekend. We are going to go on the midnight ghost story tour of Wittenberg on Saturday. Two Saturdays of creepiness in a row, I love it! (In London we went on the Jack the Ripper tour. Details with the London entry. I'm a failure, I know.) Anyway, I haven't seen Pamela since May, and I haven't seen Bridget since... Sunday/Monday. What ever am I going to do?!

I shall tell you:
Laundry (gotta have clean sheets for them!)
Buckeyes (fun snacks to munch on!)
CD book (the deadline to ship is Sunday... yikes!)
Come up with a plot for NaNoWriMo (It starts Monday -- a novel in 30 days is possible, isn't it?)

AAAAAAAAnd, I'm spent. I've got less than a minute to hit 'post' and nothing else to say, so have a great Thursday, and remember to do your civic duty next Tuesday and VOTE!! It doesn't matter for who, (aw, hell, who am I kidding, yes it does! Vote for Kerry!) just VOTE!

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