Saturday, October 09, 2004

Hello! No, I am not dead, nor have I been abducted. I've just been incredibly... blah... this week. I think it is because I don't have much to do, so I am even less inclined to do those things that I could do. But, I am back! At least for today, haha.

Autumn has arrived! I left my apartment this morning, and when I walked out, it felt like fall. You know, the crisp, dry air that smells of dry leaves and that smell of burning... something. Probably leaves. Everything in fall has to do with leaves. Anyway, it was beautiful! It was foggy, so everything felt somewhat subdued. And now, the fog is gone (being three in the afternoon, I'd hope so!), the sky is blue, and I'd throw open my windows if the heat wasn't on! It is a beautiful day, and I am glad to be alive!


On a completely different note, I was watching "Alarm für Cobra 11 -- die Autobahnpolizei" this week, when I saw a guy on the show who looked really familiar. But I couldn't figure out who it was. Then, it hit me! It's the same guy who played Brian Keller, the foreign exchange student, back on "Saved by the Bell: The New Class"! Christian Oliver, what are you doing looking so good and being on my tv screen again? I thought you had vanished from thin air when you were not on the new season back in 1996... but no, after you were in "The Babysitters' Club" movie, you simply came back home to Germany, where you are now in such fine programming about the Autobahn police. Rock on! You can look him up at - he's lookin pretty good for being 32!


How impractical is it for me to try to be at London Stansted for a 6.30am flight? It's that, or pay an extra 50 Euros for a decent flight. Hmm. I emailed Anna to get her opinion. I may just have to suck it up and pay a bit more. Good thing I didn't go visit Bridget this weekend, or else I wouldn't be able to go at all! Aaak! (For those who don't know, I am going to London in a couple of weeks. Just for the weekend. Ha! Sounds funny to just hop on a jet and pop on over to London, but that's what I get to do! Ha ha, suckers!)

Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy fall!

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