Monday, October 18, 2004

Jen yelled at me because I haven't posted in a while. So, Jenny, this one is for you!

I am absolutely knackered because I worked 25 hours between Thursday at 8am and Saturday at 1pm. You do the math. We had a conference here, and there had to be at least two people on the desk at all times. I'm the intern, so I got to be there the whoooooooooole time -- yay!!

My plan yesterday was to burn a cd for a cd swap that I am in and make buckeyes. The cd is great! The buckeyes are still in my cupboard as assorted ingredients. Did you know that vanilla here comes in little test tubes like perfume samples? Yeah, I didn't either. Interesting little suckers. Hopefully the taste is the same, and hopefully I don't burn the chocolate when I melt it. That'd suck! I have to chop it up before I melt it, though, because I couldn't find chocolate chips so I had to get two huge bars of decorative chocolate. American recipes aren't easily realized in Germany. Or at least at the E-Aktiv Markt where I have to do my grocery shopping!!

We have a new group of students here from Carleton College in MN. They seem like a nice enough group of kids. Three of them are named Seth. A group of 11, and 3 have the same name. A name which is impossible for a German to say, because of the 'th' sound. Poor chappies! They have a Stammtisch ("speaking table") tonight at the Brauhaus that I got roped into attending. Hopefully it is fun, and my German does not get too combobulated with my English, as has been happening lately. We shall see, we shall see.

London in four days! Woo!! I am mega-excited!!!

That is all from me. Thanks for reading :)

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Anonymous said...

Just a note about the vanilla and chocolate, lol. Good luck getting teh vanille open, I tend to get more all over my hands thena ctaully in the bowl! AS for melting the chocolate I would recommend setting up a double broiler system. This is when you stick either another bowl or pot inside of another one (the most outter pot is filled with water). Buckeyes actaully sound really good right, esp. since I've been seeing the little nuts all over the place here! I've been living on no-bake cookies, and have found them relatively easy to make here! Also picked up a little quick cookbook here and am debatting about trying out some of the recipies!