Thursday, January 27, 2005

Eau de Köln

In approximately 20 minutes, I'm leaving work. We've got another Witt Weekend planned, but this time it will NOT take place in Luther's Backyard. Instead, Pamela and I are descending upon Kaiserslautern to visit Bridget. Then the three of us (as well as Bridget's friend Jamie) will head to Köln, or Cologne, for all you non-German speakers out there.

The agenda includes:
the very famous Cathedral
the Gestapo museum
perhaps the Eau de Cologne house (yes, it was actually created there!) which has a SCENTED WALL O' COLOGNE -- oh the joy
my most favoritest thing

Yes, my friends, we are going to a chocolate museum. My Let's Go book has four words: Willy Wonka Made Real. There are mentions of a chocolate fountain that one can sample. I wonder if Johnny Depp will be there? (Or maybe Augustus Gloop, heh heh)

Unfortunately, it's -4 degrees C (or about 16 degrees F) and snowing there, but I'm bringing tights and two pairs of pants to layer. Plus I've got my lovely down coat that makes me sweat. Literally. I had to walk to the foreigner's office on Tuesday and I was sweating as I walked back.

Anyway, I won't be online for a few days because of it, but feel free to leave lovely comments nonetheless. Emails are also appreciated! Have a nice weekend, folks, I know I will!

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ricetoriches said...

*bows head in shame*
I can't believe you got the name wrong.
Agustus Gloop. . . are you kidding me! It's AGUSTUS GLUCK!!!