Monday, January 24, 2005

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

It's snowing. For real. Not just wimpy fluries, but actual this-is-snow-and-it-will-stick snow. Good thing I wore my new warm coat today!

Also, who is this band called The Thrills, and why do they have a song called "Whatever happened to Corey Haim?"? Actually, whatever did happen to Corey Haim?! I was going to say, 'hey, wasn't he on the Surreal Life,' but no, that's Corey Feldman. A Tale of Two Coreys, that is.

And, wtf is up with Moby's video for 'bodyrock'? (or rockbody, or discobody, or something involving dancing and bodies) Reminds me of the Fatboy Slim video for 'Praise You' -- ha ha.

I didn't do as much as I should have this weekend. Well, that's not true. I knitted some more of my scarf, started my painting, and worked on my freelance translation. It's quite almost finished, meaning all I've left to do is translate just a bit more and then type it all out. I dare say, however, that I really need to write it all out as I go, instead of just translating the words I don't know, because I'm too incredibly lazy to sit at the keyboard and figure it out. How that is different from me lounging on my bed and writing all out by hand, I have no idea.

Saturday night I watched "Wetten dass..." -- the show where people say, 'hey, I can do these crazy things, WATCH!' The first 'challenge' was from two women who said that they could correctly identify members of the Austrian swim team by - GET THIS - feeling their ab muscles! And the craziest bit about it is that they actually DID it!

I'm going to be spending a lot of money this week. I have to go to the train station to buy a Bahn Card, which will get me 50%off of any tickets I purchase. I'm hoping I can con them into giving me the student discount, which would save me 100€ on the price! (A mere €100, instead of €200!) However, even if I don't get the discount, it's still a helluva deal, considering that ordinarily it'd cost me €160 to go visit Bridget, but with the discount it's only €80!

Also, I HAVE HAVE HAVE to go get my visa stuff taken care of like last week. Too bad the damn office is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Punks. I'll go tomorrow and get it taken care of, since it expires in just about a week and that would NOT be good for any traveling I want to do!

Okay, now that my tasks for the week are taken care of (i.e. documented so people can harass me about them until they get done!), I think I will go home early. Who knows, maybe Wildboyz will be on!

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Anonymous said...

Consider this your harassment: go get that stuff done!! Especially the visa. Wouldn't want you to get arrested by immigration officials or anything. (remind me to tell you a painfully amusing story about a fulbrighter who SOMEHOW didn't feel it was necessary to register with the authorities)
Right, back to 'lesson planning.' ~b