Friday, February 18, 2005

Totally flattered!

I recieved this IM regarding a certain birthday card sent to a certain Strong Bad fan --

Vinny: you are THE coolest person ever!!!! i thought it was cool of you to just remember, but a moving strong bad. you are quite talented missy.

and his away message: That's it folks, Heather has won the prize. She has made me the best Birthday card I could ever get. Don't try to top it, such a feat cannot be done. You must all bow to her creativity! TY Heather!

[a picture of said card -- and yes, the arms move. for anyone in the know, he's saying "what's goin' on?"]

Happy Early Birthday, Vinny! I'm glad you got your card and think it's awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Just had to say happy early B-Day! not sure i'll get to post on the special occasion, though I know we'll be talking!