Wednesday, March 02, 2005

London Calling!

YAY! I have tentative plans to go back to London... next week! Anna's graciously offered to be my lovely hostess, so all I have to do is ask for the 11th and 14th off of work, and oooooooooff I go! Of course, I've gotta ask the boss, but seeing as there are no activities with the students that weekend (and I've done at least 2-days-worth of work outside of actual business hours), there should be no problem.

(And yes, I know I should be saving the cash to go someplace new, but honestly, I've no one to go with. So why shouldn't I simply go somewhere where I know people?! London's huge, and this time I'll be seeing Anna's side of it, instead of just the tourist-y bits.)

I'll keep you updated!

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Nicole said...

Eversince I've developed the need to travel I've always wanted to go to London... Hopefully I'll be able to within the next couple of years :-)

I really enjoy reading your blog by the way! I hope it's okay if I add a link to your blog on my own?