Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Oooh, I am pissed.

I've been trying to write an email ALL DAY and have been foiled time and time again. The first time, all my windows went wonky and it backed up and I lost it. This time, I was ALMOST FINISHED with it, got up from my desk for ten minutes, came back, went to send it, and discovered that someone had logged me out in another window and I LOST IT AGAIN. Ooooh, I am mad. Now I have to write this email yet again, try to capture my original jokes and wittiness, etc. Right. Grr.

I will just go to lunch, come back, write an email to someone else that I owe an email, and try to write this email again. If I lose it one more time, I am going to have a conniption.

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