Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Weekend Update

So I haven't given a real update in a few days, I am aware of this. And now is my opportunity to change that!

This weekend, Pamela was here -- after a greaaaaaaaat dinner at the Italian place (and spending ridiculous amounts of money on chocolate eggs and marshmallow bunnies) we attended my Stammtisch Friday night, where the oh-so-nice Heinz offered to drive us to the Balance Body Exhibit Saturday morning. So, after the Stammtisch, we started our Hugh Grant Movie Marathon by watching Bridget Jones 1.

Saturday we went to the exhibit, which was really cool. It's a multi-media thing where you walk in through the belly button and get to learn about the skin and hair and heart and all sorts of things. Very interesting. Then Heinz gave us a mini-tour of Wittenberg and (and!) schlepped us over to Kaufland to get stuff for the bajillions of cookies we had to bake. Excellent.

But first we watched "About a Boy," in our Three Days of Hugh marathon. The cookies (three batches! 100 cookies!) turned out well. Chocolate chip, if by chocolate chip I mean shredded chocolate, and I do. (Can anyone name that obscure reference? Bridget? Jessica?) Then Jess and her friend Vreni came over with Ethiopian food and entertained us with their slosh-ed-ness and we ate and watched "French Kiss" (alas, without Hugh Grant, but with the lovely Kevin 'You People Make My Ass Twitch' Kline).

Sunday... what did we do Sunday? Oh, watched "Sense and Sensibilty." Then after Pamela left, I went to dinner at Jess's house. And then it was Monday and that's an entry for tomorrow.

Hope y'all are doing well!!


Anonymous said...

reference = shoebox, of course! =) though i can't remember who said that, remus or sirius. guess i need to go read all 810 pages again.
~lupin's alter ego

Heto said...

Naturally it was Remus! He's the grammar obsessed one ;)

Anonymous said...

hey, nothing wrong with being grammar obsessed! i heart commas! ;)
hahaha, that looks funny when you add my initial to remus's name..