Thursday, April 21, 2005

Answering comments!

I feel as though my blog has suddenly become popular, as I'm actually getting comments! And since I know that I never check to see if an author has responded to my comment, I'll just answer my commenters here. That's okay, isn't it?

Jess- yeah, I was pretty proud of the "Great Office of God" phrase. I have my moments of wittiness. The German sense of humor cannot keep me down! *pumps fist into the air* And yes, Stammtisch at 8. And Lolle tonight, if you're up for it. Shall I pop 'round to you, or you to me? (I sound so British!)

Nicole - it always amazes me that it's almost winter for you! How cold does it get in South Africa? (I'm assuming pretty cold, as it's SOUTH Africa, but at the same time, I think, "it's Africa! how cold can it get!?" So please, enlighten me!) I, for one, am super glad that it's spring. The transitional seasons (fall and spring) are my favorite - not too cold, not too hot, just right! Plus, now everything is turning green and it's lovely. :)


Anonymous said...

ok...what is the stam thing???

Nicole said...

Well, down here in Cape Town we get pretty mild winters. The coldest days are generally around 11 - 15 degrees Celcius (have no idea how to convert it into Fahrenheit, sorry!) and we don't ever get snow. We get rain if we're lucky though :-)

The coldest town in SA is Sutherland and it's about 370 kilometres away from Cape Town. They get subzero temperatures there. Also the northern regions of the country are supposed to get quite cold as well and it snows in some parts. I've actually never been in snow myself.

We do get our fair share of harsh summers though!