Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I looked up my name at this website today. Apparently " Heather's spelling suggests the place where you might find the plant -- the rugged heath. However, the plant name evolved in Scotland while the name for the scrubby plain evolved in the south of Britain. In Scotland heather is found on the moor, not on the heath. On the heaths of England and Wales, you'll find a plant called ling, not heather."

Oddly enough, I looked up the similar names, and there are a surprising number on the list that are in my family: Hazel (my great grandma), Cheryl (my aunt), Debbie (technically an ex-aunt-in-law, but I call her Aunt anyway), and Jamie (my cousin). Amazing!

And here are some of the drawbacks to the name -- possible teasing nicknames:
  • Heathen
  • Heath Bar
  • Hester - combination of Heather and sister
  • Heather Tether Ball
  • Hedda Chedda
  • Heather Bether
  • Heater
  • Feather (I am actually called this one)
  • Feader
  • Heat-her
  • Heathwhore
  • Heather my Pleather
  • H-Dog
  • H
Oddly, my actual nickname (Hetobeto) is NOT on the list! Crazy daisy.

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