Monday, May 23, 2005

Jess did this!

Go here. And then click the back button and read what I have to say about that.

My only stipulation was that I wanted it to stay long enough for me to pull back... apparently, Jess needs a hearing aid. But, although it is considerably shorter than I wanted (I said shoulder-length, not between shoulders and ears, and definitely not this short), it's growing on me. Good thing, after all, since she did indeed cut the missing 6" and I don't feel like gluing them back on!

Anyway, thanks Jess! I'll stop bitching about the length soon enough :)


Anonymous said...

Hey...okay, so I ment to do thsi like two days ago (can I say that life has been crazy and I feel like I'Ve been living in the lab with nothing to show for it!) I love the new haircut and hope it grows on you soon (sorry the really bad pun :P) ~Pamela

Anonymous said...

I like it!! It is, in fact, a bit short but it draws more attention to your face. (uh, sounds cheesy but it's true) Besides, it'll grow. (did i ever tell you about when i dyed my hair red?? thank god that hair DOES grow!) Have fun in Weimar; go stand where Goethe's bed was for me! ;) ~b

Nicole said...

You look lovely with your hair that length in the picture! It's great to see what you look like after reading your posts these past several months by the way :-)