Thursday, June 23, 2005

Crazy things you probably wish you didn't know about me today:

1. I am sitting here eating peanut butter. From a fork.
2. I am tired and dirty because neither of the bathrooms in the apartment have cold water. So because I didn't want to scald the dirt off my body*, I didn't shower.
3. I had to brush my teeth with warm water this morning**.
4. I washed my face in the kitchen sink last night ***.
5. I am rocking out to Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero" and wishing I could watch Footloose.

*Okay, it's not like I am filthy-stinky. I didn't really do anything yesterday except go shopping with Elizabeth, then sit around her apartment and drink a sekt/cranberry juice cocktail. Or three.
** I could have gone into the kitchen to do it, but really, I was almost done. I never realized how weird it is just putting plain hot water into mouth. Ew.
*** Again with the water thing. We have cold water in our kitchen, but not our bathrooms****. Craaaaaazy!!
**** So if we don't have any cold water by the time I get home from work, Jess, can I use your shower? Thanks, yo!


Jessica said...

Yes of course you can use my shower! I don't want to contribute to the general stinkiness of this city in any way. :-)

elizabeth said...

or you could use my shower . . .

Nicole said...

I've also had to brush my teeth with warm water once. What a strange sensation... It felt like the toothpaste was melting in my mouth. Yuck! Hope the cold water in your apartment is working again soon :-)