Monday, June 20, 2005

Famous Redheads

*Anne of Green Gables
*Nicole Kidman
*Emily Dickinson
*Wilma Flinstone
*Lucille Ball
*Oliver Cromwell
*General Custer
*Opie Taylor
*Lizzie Borden
*Lil Orphan Annie
*Tori Amos
*Ron Weasley
*Ginny Weasley... actually, ALL the Weasleys
*Napoleon Bonaparte
*Danny Bonaduce
*John Glenn
*Pippi Longstocking
*Christopher Columbus
*Emperor Nero
*Henri Matisse
*Fergie (the Duchess of York, not the Black Eyed Peas one)
*Vincent van Gogh
*Prince Harry
*Katharine Hepburn
*King Henry II
*Ginger from Gilligan's Island... and Ginger Spice, too, for that matter
*Conan O'Brien
*Friedrich Schiller
*Kate Winslet
*Queen Elizabeth I
*George Washington
*Mark Twain
*Groundskeeper Willie
*Martin van Buren
*Maude Flanders
*James Joyce

For an explanation of this post, please click here. :) And can I just say? I didn't realize so many painters, politicians, royals, and rulers were red-heads! Wow!

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Jessica said...

Oh! I had totally forgotten about Pippi Longstocking (Langstrumpf!)
Good call. Are you going to be uploading those Hochzeit pictures now that we have actually given you the CD? :-)