Tuesday, June 21, 2005

“..in libris veritas; in kava vita.”

So, I was googling stuff about Prague this morning, since we are going there in a few weeks, and I decided to google English bookstores, mostly just to see if they'd have any. And! I found one that looks quite awesome, which was started by a bunch of ex-pat Americans

The Globe!

And because my curiousity got the better of me, I emailed the owner to see if they would have the new Harry Potter book on the 16th. Lo and behold, I just got a reply and... they will! Woohoo!

Now I just have to remember to exchange enough to buy it :)

(Yes, I've grown to accept and even love my own dorkiness!)


Jessica said...

Hey dorky girl... pictures??? People are getting antsy over at my blog. :-)

Nicole said...

I just had a look at the website and wow... I wish we had bookshops like that down here.

And the fact that they'll stock the new Harry Potter book just adds to their appeal. :D

Anonymous said...

I loooooooooove Prague, it is a wonderful, wonderful old city. The Charles Bridge is a most, the old square wonderful. I loved walking around for hours before anything was open and then seeing the place come alive with venders and shops. Ah the memories, I wish I was going. Enjoy, have lots of fun in the birth place of Kafka-C

Abba said...

You MUST go to The Globe. Meckhead and I went there last year when I was visiting Munich and we took a side trip to Prague. It's a little hard to find, but the food at the restaurant is good and the bookstore is AWESOME. I bought my British copy of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" there, and all the postcards I mailed from Prague.