Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Things I Bought at Luthers Hochzeit

and the stories that go with them.

  • garlic bread - One of the fun things about Luthers Hochzeit is all of the different food booths, especially the ones that make you turn your head and go "wtf?!" One such booth is the Knobibrot stand, which is shaped like a giant clove of garlic and sells the most delicious, succulent garlic bread you can buy for €1.50. Or 2 Euro if you get it with cheese. I ate this bread on the market square as Pamela braided Steffi's hair into a lovely medieval-looking thing. Mmm, garlic bread!

  • a "rahmfleck" - This is standard what-we-think-they-ate-500-years-ago fare. A small, individually sized bread-type packet thingy filled with cheese and bacon bits, topped with a sour cream-type sauce and green onions. Best almost right out of the oven (but not directly, because you'd burn both your hands and the roof of your mouth, which, ow!). I had one of these while Bridget and Chulpan ate some garlic bread on Saturday. We were waiting for Pamela and Stephanie (and Stephanie's German prof from home, Dan) to make their way down to the Leucorea so we could go to Martin and Katie's wedding dinner. It was here that we ran into Voldemort*, who decided to accompany us for the next couple of hours on Saturday afternoon, until he abandoned us at a Corvus Corax concert.

  • mead - One of the teachers here told me that I had to drink some mead this weekend. So, after drinking a whole bunch of peach schnapps-plus-passion fruit schnapps-plus-sprite-plus-orange juice (tasty, tasty cocktail, might I just say! Just add whatever proportions of any of the above. You really can't go wrong! Unless you add too much passion fruit like Bridget did. So really, be careful with the passion fruit. It's strong.**) on Saturday night, we headed back out to see The Great Pretender, which is a Queen cover band headline, who, incidentally, rocked. Then, we headed down to the Schlosswiese where I bought...

  • one quarter of a Corvus Corax cd - Corvus Corax is a medieval-era bagpipes-and-drums band that played down by the Schloss on Friday and Saturday. Stephanie and I wisely decided to keep warm by going as close to the stage as possible and dancing like maniacs. We also stood next to a guy who was drinking from a horn and singing with much enthusiasm. (Note to Bridget, Pamela, and Stephanie: the "la la la" song IS on the cd - it's number 12.) So we bought the cd and decided to burn it, since we didn't each have the 15 Euro a piece to buy one for each of us. I wonder if they're available for wedding receptions, because I think everyone I know would have a really great time rocking out to bagpipers. Seriously!

  • a meat sandwich - Okay, this one sounds a bit weird, but there really is a story behind it. As we were walking around with Voldemort, he kept telling us that as a hunter (yes, he was in costume), he needed to find some meat on a stick to eat. Not as unusual as it sounds, as every third food stand offered some sort of animal on a spit: whole pigs, cuts of pork, probably some type of beef, but I'm not sure. Anyway, because he was talking about it all day, I started to get a craving for some meat on a stick. So Jess and I decided to share a meat sandwich on Sunday. It was delicious - tender, spit-roasted pork on a bun with mustard. Mmmmm, meat.

  • pineapple on a stick - Again, sounds weird, but is totally delicious. At the Stadtfest in 2002, there was a stand on the market that sold chocolate covered fruit on a stick. They had the requisite strawberries, but they also had grapes, pineapple, even watermelon. So when I saw the stand this year, I knew I had to try it again. Deliciously sweet, juicy, fresh pineapple chunks covered in dark chocolate with some white chocolate swirls and nuts. *wants pineapple*

  • red scarf - I've always wanted one of those cool scarves that everyone is wearing these days, so I finally broke down and got one. If I wear it the right way, it makes me look like a pirate. Arr!
So, that was my fantastically exciting weekend! It makes me sad that I really don't have any other city events to look forward to, but the new Harry Potter book is coming out in 32 days, and I've also got a bit of traveling with Elizabeth coming up, and then Jen is coming to visit, and then I'll have a busy month at work and then I'll be at home! But I'm glad I had the opportunity to spend time with friends and make some memories ("I'm not asking the man with no pants where the public execution is!"). Luthers Hochzeit Forever!

*not his real name. He works in the same building as I do as the Managing Director for Another Institute. I know him from my Stammtisch and some translation work I've done. Very nice guy, just didn't expect to walk with him for two hours around the fest. Unexpected. Like I said.
** like 20% strong. But it didn't feel like it. Really!


Jessica said...

So... where are the pictures? I want pictures! (she whines)

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify.. too much passion fruit schnapps in a drink is not necessarily THAT bad. A bit strong, yes, but still tasty. ;)
Glad you got a scarf!
And a meat sandwich!
La la la.

Abba said...

You work with Voldemort? Do you call him this to his face?

Anonymous said...

I found the "La La La" song too! Everytime I listen to that CD, I hear that guy singing. His voice actually kind of goes with the music.