Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Weekend Update - one day late :)

Well, I never got around to posting about my weekend yesterday, but I'll do a fun and informative update now, how's that?

Friday I should have gone to the Luftwaffenkonzert (Air Force Band concert), but I didn't want to pay the 10 Euro to get in. Turns out it was 17 Euro, but that's beside the point. I didn't go to my Stammtisch, either. Instead, I went to bed at 9:45. Bliss!

We planned to go to Weimar on Saturday, so I met Elizabeth, Steffi and Felix at the train station (or on the way) and off we went! It was my fourth time in Weimar (good thing it's one of my favorite cities!), so I got to play tour guide. We visited the park where Goethe's garden house is located, saw some fake ruins (they are fake, aren't they? Bridget?), took some crazy pictures. Then back to Goethe's fancy house, where I was able to give a little bit of information - hopefully they learned something from me! It was my third time in the Goethe house, but I think it's awesome, so no complaints. Elizabeth and Steffi wanted to visit Schiller's house, but Felix and I sat outside and listened to a group of middle school-aged girls talk about nothing. I also got the coolest souveniers ever - Goethe and Schiller cookie cutters!! I can't wait to find a good cut-out cookie recipe. Weimarer Classic for everyone!

On Sunday, we (Elizabeth, Steffi and I) wanted to go to the opera in Berlin. So, we get online, get directions to the opera house from the train station, and get on the train. Only to be told 45 minutes into the journey that the train we were on only went as far as the Berlin Schönefeld airport because of construction, and we would need to take a streetcar to get to Berlin Zoo. Which is on the other side of the city. We were bound and determined to get to the opera, though, so we obediently got on the street car, where our journey through the city of Berlin lasted another 45 minutes to an hour. Naturally, we were going to have to do the same thing to get back to Schönefeld after the opera, but our time window was so narrow that we decided against it. Instead, we did a bit of sightseeing, even though none of us were dressed for the weather, or did we have any cameras (although Steffi DID have her camera phone!). What can I say, we expected to be sitting in a dry, warm opera house - not running around a cold, rainy, wet city for 3 hours! Thankfully, we did make it back to our train to Wittenberg, where we heard some guys speaking English. Close to the end of the train ride, the girls dared me to go ask where they were from. Turns out, one of the guys was a German, but the other was a Californian-turned-Australian who (I think) was just doing some traveling. I'm glad I asked, though, because as Elizabeth said, "it's important for introverts like us to extrovert ourselves, even if it's just to strangers we'll never see again" (or something to that effect.)

Now, I'm busy at work, doing market analysis for my internship project and trying to get rid of my headache that I get every day around lunchtime because my officemate puts on more perfume. But, tonight I'm going to see Revenge of the Sith, so let's hope it's gone by then!

By the way, once I'm done with my marketing project, I can start on my pop culture project, yay!! :)


Anonymous said...

yes, the ruins are fake. did you see shakespeare as well? (billy!!) ha ha..see you at 20.27 tomorrow! ~b

Abba said...

I want a Goethe cookie cutter!