Wednesday, August 10, 2005

German lesson!

In doing a bit of research about certain German words, I ran across a couple of fun lists on Wikipedia:

A list of German expressions in the English language and German Loanwords. Study up, so we can chat when I get home!

Also, Jess wrote a really awesome tribute to Jen over at her blog. Check it out!

And in other news: no matter how hard I try, I will not win in bowling. Inevitably, someone who claims that he "hasn't bowled in years" will kick my ass and send me home. But it was healthy competition, which is the best kind. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow!

Tonight is Elizabeth's farewell Stammtisch. The weather sucks, but it'll be nice to see everyone and wish her a hearty goodbye. Good thing I'm coming in late tomorrow ;)

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Nicole said...

Trust me, if there's one person you'd win at bowling it's me. :-) I only played once. Or at least it was something resembling bowling - tucked away in a dark shady corner of a gaming arcade - and yet I didn't fare too well.

I should try real bowling one of these days...