Monday, August 08, 2005

"I did not shot no deputy"

One of the lyrics sung by the band at the Wine Fest on Saturday. Love it!

Highlights on the weekend short list:
+chatted with the NASCAR chaplain
+charmingly stumbled through conversation with the Greek
+sang way too loudly and way off-key to the awesome pre-show mix cd
+helped Elizabeth translate a convo with her Döner Boy and his friend
+called Mike

Apparently I am marrying one of the döner boys so he can get a visa to the States. This might be a bit more practical if a) I had known what was being decided behind my back b) he wasn't 15 years older than me and c) I knew his name, let alone was attracted to him. No dice, man, no dice. Elizabeth, it's up to you to break the news to him, 'kay?

Also, my first (and last) big group excursion went successfully - no one got lost, everyone made it back to the bus, etc. Not nearly as intimidating as I thought it should be.

Tonight is Jen's last night in Wittenberg. It has been absolutely wonderful having her stay with me for the past couple of weeks and I'm really going to miss her when she is gone. I'm sad that she can't stay for the last month that I am here and I am even more sad that she's going back to that place of hers and I won't see her again until CHRISTMAS even though I hadn't seen her for a whole YEAR. Regardless, I am so glad she came to visit and I hope she had a great time and I hope she realizes how much I miss her already :) Love you, Jenny!!

So, for those of you in the area, Il Mediterraneano, 6:30-ish pm, followed by drinks at... maybe the Brauhaus, maybe somewhere else. It is merely a coincidence thatthe Greek might be there our students have a Stammtisch there tonight and the sem. kids might be there for their last night in town. Just a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

how in the world did you meet
a NASCAR chaplain???

btw, where's my zucchini bread:)

Elizabeth said...

Your döner fiancee's name is Barbar. Or BahBah. Or something like that. I'm sure he won't mind if you just call him Bob.

Anonymous said...

kisses from Jen. I miss you already too. (though I dont miss this damn screwy german keyboard)