Friday, August 26, 2005


So, I am sitting here eating my breakfast when the phone rings. My officemate generally answers the phone because it's either a question she can understand/answer better than I can or, it's simply for her. Anyway, this time it was for me. It was Sven, my German Boyfriend!!!*

He's been in Liverpool for job training for the past 8 months or so and you can so totally hear it in his accent which is now a mishmash of German, British, and Liverpoolian (a class in itself). It's all very ironic, really, as the reason we became friends to begin with is because he wanted to learn to speak American English.

Anyway, he called to see how I am doing and to wish me a safe trip back to the States, as he's entirely too lazy to answer emails. I couldn't really speak as freely (or as long) as I would have liked, as I was at work (er, still am, for that matter), but he promised to try to call me sometime this weekend.

What a really wonderful surprise! When he first left last November, he said to keep my ears open for the phone, but I never really expected him to call - let alone, eight months later! He's so nice.

*not really my boyfriend. Even though I totally wish he were. But he's happy with his girlfriend, so I'll simply be happy for them.

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Bridget said...

Aww, a call from Sven! How cute is he! How nice of him to remember when you're going back, too. Did he say how things are going in Liverpool? Hope it's better than it was in the beginning, anyway. (say hi for me in case you talk to him again!)

And yes, I'm procrastinating AGAIN. That cake sounds good, maybe I'll have to make one this weekend as well... =)