Thursday, September 08, 2005

Anyone who knows me knows that I love books. I live for books. Which is why I am announcing my trip to the library on my blog. I've just got to get cleaned up and then I am off to forage through an entire year's worth of new books that I have missed. Plus, I am looking for a few craft books for some ideas I've got stewing in my head. If I remember, I will post a list of the books I got when I get home.

I'm such a dork. :)

Edited at 10:50am

I'm back! Here's what I got:

The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlum. I love the movie, so I'm hoping it's one of those cases where the book is even better. We'll see!

Job books:
101 Best Resumes for Grads, by Block and Betrus. Self-explanatory, I think.
Have No Career Fear: A College Grad's Guide to Snagging a Job, Trekking the Career Path, and Reaching Job Nirvana, by a bunch of people. Also self-explanatory.
Why Good Girls Don't Get Ahead... but Gutsy Girls Do: Nine secrets every career woman must know, by Kate White. Can't hurt to read it, right?

Hobby-oriented books:
Stitch N Bitch Nation, by Debbie Stoller. This is the "sequel" to the best-selling Stitch N Bitch Knitters' Handbook (which I got for Christmas) - lots more knitting patterns, not that that is what I need!
Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course. My aunt got a keyboard for Christmas and I'm kind of interested in playing it!
300 Handcrafted Soaps and The Everything Soapmaking Book. I'm fascinated by soapmaking and think it might become my new passion. Gotta learn how to do it first, though!

And the random, leftover book:
Be Honest - You're Not that Into Him Either, by Dr. Ian Kerner. Have you heard of the book He's Just Not That Into You? Well, apparently this is a rebuttal, or something. It looks interesting, but who knows. I'll let you know how it is.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy reding, will you do a little reding for me? Their are tons of books out there I really want to read (as I learned when I first went to B&N upon returning), sigh...I just don't have time :P ~Pamela

Nicole said...

There's nothing quite like reading a good book, and it sounds like you have a couple of good ones as well. :-) I really should make a plan to get to the library soon myself...