Monday, September 12, 2005

Pop-pop-pop-pop culture!

I've totally been on a Matt Damon kick these past few days - I watched a tad bit of Dogma on Comedy Central this weekend, Ocean's Twelve on Saturday with two of my aunts (preceded by a hysterical episode of The West Wing), Ocean's Eleven last night (yeah, I know that seems backward, but 11 was on TV last night, and how can you pass that up?), and The Bourne Identity tonight (a recent acquisition of mine, along with it's lovely sequel, The Bourne Supremacy... gotta love those double pack DVD sets at Target!).

Just now, I was doing a bit of catching up of my entertainment news, and I read that he's reportedly engaged. Another good man bites the dust. Damn. Good luck to him, and I'll mourn the loss!

In other news, my resume is finished and ready - who wants to pass it on for me? :)


Jessica said...

*puts on her most low-cut black dress*

Kathleen said...

Hey, how's tomorrow (Wednesday) for dinner, say 7ish? Do you like curry, specifically green curry? Umm.. call if you remember the #. I can't for the life of me remember anyone's. If not, I'll make it a point to check my email:)

Nicole said...

What a brilliant selection of movies... I haven't watched The Bourne Supremacy yet - I should really get around to watching it sometime. :o)