Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Randomness... in bullet form

  • Thanks to Mimi Smartypants (just google her), I now know that "Affensperma" (ape sperm, in German) is slang for banana juice... but I don't think I'd ever actually use that phrase. Especially when I'm ordering a Kiba, which is kirsch-banane (cherry-banana) mixed. Just... weird!
  • My cousin auditioned to be a Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz tonight. There was a huge group of parents and kids down by the wrong door of the high school when we arrived. Thankfully my aunt and I knew enough to go to the front doors of the building. Casey ended up being number four, but we heard after we left (by 7:15, when auditions started at 7 - oh yeah!) that there were 189 kids who showed up. One hundred eighty nine. Incredible.
  • I watched that crazy JetBlue landing on tv. To "Larry King" someone is to ask a completely ridiculous and obvious question while the answer is clearly being played out on screen.
  • I only have two more episodes of West Wing season one. I am very excited and still looking for my Josh Lyman. Did everyone else know he was Jewish??
  • I really wanted Martha to say "you're a bad thing" but was sadly disappointed.
  • At my Harry Potter conference in Salem (two weeks!), I am volunteering at the registration desk AND at the art gallery. I'm wicked excited. Plus, if I fly back on Tuesday, I can stay with Caitlin Monday night!
  • I've started applying for jobs. I'd love to work at our local art gallery, but the only position is part time and not open to the public yet. I'll be keeping my eye on it, though!
  • I enjoy the simplicity of a bulleted list. No pressure to be cohesive or even coherent.
  • Hope you're doing well!

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Anonymous said...

Hey!! Thanks for the RObbie info...I'm defaintly going to have to look into. I think even Andrew has decided his stuff isn't too bad (I tortured him with it on the drive to Ohio!!). Now if only the nfinaly Harry Potter was also coming out about this time too!!! ~Pamela