Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I'm back!

I've been back since late Tuesday night and I've had every intention of posting, but apparently my computer upstairs doesn't want to recognize the typing screen on blogger. No typing screen, no post. And right now I don't have the patience to describe ALL of The Witching Hour in great detail, so I'll just give some highlights:

-I am SO NORMAL compared to most Potheads out there - I did NOT come in costume, nor do I even own an HP scarf or tie. There were so many fans there in some brilliant costumes. I will admit that I was slightly jealous, but at the same time, what would I do with an elaborate costume? There are only so many book releases and movie openings, you know!
-I was sorted into Gryffindor, which was a HUGE shock to most of my housemates, as they all thought we were Slytherin. Yelling out the different houses at registration was great, if for nothing more than to see the looks of shock or sadness on their faces :)
-New England is EXPENSIVE!! And the drivers are crazy!! In Boston on Monday night, we sat through at least five lights because people (buses, mainly) blocked the intersection.
-It is also GORGEOUS. Salem is an absolutely amazing city - there is history everywhere, and they've got their own little blanket of mysticism that shrouds the city.
-Chris Rankin is a skinny lil thing! He plays Percy in all of the movies, and he was at the conference. You can tell that he's kind of lanky in the movies, but that's nothing compared to the actuality. He's also surprisingly genuine and happy to meet with the fans (not that I did, but I'm speaking from what I heard).
-I got a lot of compliments on my "Weasley is our king" t-shirt.
-I am so saving up to go to Lumos next July in Vegas. Yeah baby!

In other happy news, I got a job!! I'm working in auditing at a local ham distriubution company. Yes. Ham distribution. I'll be starting soon. Yay, paycheck!

I'll try to type out a proper entry sometime soon. If you have any questions, comment away! It's good to be back home!


Bridget said...

Your Aunt Julie called on Tuesday..too bad I didn't get it until Wednesday, at which point you had already arrived home. What was the big news??

Abba said...

Would you recommend going to next year's incarnation of "The Witching Hour" in Las Vegas? I think they're calling it "Lumos" ...

Anonymous said... hams :)