Sunday, December 04, 2005

Yipes! Almost a week!

Right, so Jen's been on my case because I haven't posted lately. It's not my fault my life is incredibly boring and I don't really have anything to say, is it? Okay, maybe it is, just a lil bit.

Anyway, things are alright... work is crazy busy, and even though my schedule changed and I'm supposed to be done at 3:00 everyday, I've been staying until 4 just to help get stuff done. It's really not that hard, because it's as late as I've worked in the past, so it's almost like free money! I also went in yesterday for about 7 hours or so. It's a good thing I did, because we got totally slammed with work, and things are going to be pretty crazy from here on out. Why is ham so popular on Christmas, again?

I've recently discovered a perfume I absolutely adore: Lovely, by Sarah Jessica Parker. There was one of those perfume sample strips in the October issue of O that I got from the library; I shamelessly ripped it out and kept it for myself, I'll admit. The only store around here that sells it is Marshall Field's, so you know it's not cheap, but it's just so, well, lovely, that I'm going to save up some money every week until I can buy some.

In other news, I frequent a site that posts fan mixes, which, for those of you not in the know, are cd mixes created for a particular fandom - perhaps for a character in the fandom, perhaps a show, perhaps a certain series of novels. Heh. Anyway, one of the mixes posted tonight was dedicated to the Weasley family - and you all know how much I love me some Weasleys!! They should sell them in a bright orange box in the cereal aisle, or something. I'd buy 'em!

I'm not particularly looking forward to work this week, which is unfortunate, as I've somewhat enjoyed my job until this point. I think I'm just realizing that the bomb of paperwork we've been expecting has just exploded. Ah well. It's got to get done and I know I'm one of the ones who can get it done. Competently.

Notes to friends:
Jess, are you back in Wittenberg yet? You haven't updated your blog in a few days and I want to make sure you haven't crawled into your cave and are refusing to come out!!
Jen, less than two weeks! Yay for extended school breaks and the chance to come home and see everyone! I've missed you! Also: Goblet on IMAX!
/Notes to friends

Alright folks, like I said last week, 5:00 comes pretty damn early, so it's off to bed for this girly. I'll try to post more often. Merry Christmas!!

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Jessica said...

Hi heto... not quite yet. My trip home took waaaaaay longer than expected, and included unexpectedly a night in a shady Berlin hostel. But now I am off, with an ICE connection thankyouverymuch, to my old home. I considered crawling into a cave, to be sure, but withdrawing from my friends isn't really the healthiest thing for me, so I'll skip it in favor of being whiny about how much my life sucks. Does that work for ya??

Sorry your job is not the stuff of your wildest dreams... isn't it time to be looking for another one, anyway? Or are they planning to promote you after the Christmas!ham season is over?