Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm aaliiiiiiiiiiive!

And not in that creepy zombie way, either.

I've actually logged in quite a few times this week intending to blog, but instead I've just sat here in front of this empty box, waiting for the words to come. Nothing. But I'm going to try to write through it anyway, since it's been almost a week since I've blogged.

This past Saturday, I attended the funeral of my friend Katrina's mom. She was a wonderful lady who was so welcoming and totally treated a bunch of misfit drama geeks like her own children. She's really going to be missed. I feel awful that I didn't even know she was sick until it was too late. The funeral itself was lovely; it really was a celebration of her life instead of mourning her passing.

Speaking of funerals... sortof... I've really been missing my mom lately. I'm not sure if it's to do with the weather, or being back in T-town full time, or what, but I've been missing her a lot. That's all.

And segue to missing people: Jen's going back to Korea on Thursday. It's been a super 6 weeks with her back in Ohio, and I'm totally going to miss hanging out with her randomly in T-town or the Cleve. I'm glad, however, that I was able to get her hooked on the West Wing. She's got season 1 ready to take back with her, and if I can pull some strings, maybe she'll get season 2 in the mail before she comes home! We also made Bridget's spinach lasagna on Sunday and let me just tell you that it was super easy and so delicious!

Anyway, yeah, I start my first set of insurance classes (property & casualty) on Monday - wish me luck! Also wish me luck trying to find a second job to help me pay the bills in the mean time. There's a screenprinting shop here in town that I might visit, to see if they'd work with me on the schedule. Otherwise, it's midnight stocking at the grocery store, if they'll hire me!


Abba said...

Heto, do you screenprint, too?

Heto said...

Heh, no, not in any real capacity. I've made a few shirts with stencils, but the thought of screenprinting is a bit exciting. I'd like to get into it.

Generally, though, I love all things crafty. I just don't have the budget for it at the moment :)

Jessica said...

Hey sweetie, I'm sorry you're missing your mom. :-( *hug*

Good luck with the bold career moves... a screenprinting shop seems right up your alley, and I am excited about this insurance business that you've found.

Go you!

Anonymous said...

Jen -
DUDE!!! I totally used to screenprint!!!! you start it up and I'll help the shop on the weekends heh. *be warned it's kind of a messy job*