Tuesday, January 17, 2006

These times they are a-changin'

I had an interview yesterday in an industry that I had never really considered. I was quite pleasantly surprised with what I learned and am seriously considering starting a career with them. The man with whom I spoke (the district manager for the area) thinks that I would be well suited to the position, and I tend to agree.

Which means: I am headed back to school. Well, not really back to school, but I would have to take some courses to get licensed before I can start actually working. That also means that somehow I have to come up with some funding for said classes and tests and licenses. Time for a job!! I'm thinking I'll find a full-time retail or food-service position for the interim, just to get the funds to pay the bills and get started there. But hey, if I really like it, the great thing about this new opportunity is that it's a basically make-your-own-hours and work-from-home type thing. Too bad the Ham Place doesn't need me back for Easter, yet! Hehehe.

Also yesterday, I was supposed to get together with one of my friends from high school. He moved the summer between sophomore and junior years, but we've stayed in touch on-and-off ever since. Well now he's in law school not too far away, and we were going to get together for dinner last night. Silly me, I didn't realize that he would be in town so early, so I was at my interview when he called and we never did get together. I'll have to figure out some way to make it up to him, because I feel incredibly horrible and guilty about the whole thing.

And to clarify the latest quote addition (Jess!): \ :) / is IM-speak for "what's goin' on?" -- useful for those times when it is difficult to walk up to someone working in the library, put your head against hers, and do the arm motions. My intention was not to insult, as it was a mere oversight on my part, because \:)/ just isn't an unusual quote for me anymore! It's a part of my everyday vocabulary, and I start many IM-conversations as such. Consider yourselves warned :)


I'm thinking about making a crafty links section on the sidebar... what do you all think?

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Anonymous said...

So you never did tell us what this future job might be! You know curiosity killed the cat :) ~Pamela