Monday, February 20, 2006

One year ago...

...I created an "American feast" with Jessica and Steffi to celebrate my birthday, as I was thousands of miles away from home and my family and virtually everyone I've ever known. It was a smashing good time - we made hamburgers with all the fixins, my aunt's famous macaroni salad, and the most delicious chocolate cake you've ever tasted. You can read more about it here, if you're interested.

Today was no exception to the lovefest that I experienced last year. I got some lovely emails and e-cards, an invitation to dinner from one of my favorite people ever, and some unexpected phone calls / IMs from others close to my heart. No cards or gifts in the mail, though, as Presidents' Day IS a mail holiday. (It's a double edged sword: no school when I was younger, but no mail is worse, I think. Unless one doesn't get any mail anyway, which is just sad. That'll probably be me, then, since I'm actually expecting something.)

Anyway, thank you to everyone who helped make this day a bit more special. I really do appreciate everything that you've done for me throughout the years. Thank you!


Jessica said...

Hi Heto! That *was* a fun time last year. Yum... that chocolate cake. Man. We pretty rocked at chocolaote-cake-baking.

Hooray for you making it another year!

Abba said...

Happy Birthday, Heto!