Saturday, March 11, 2006

I miss Edeka!

I was at Meijer earlier today, looking for the Goblet of Fire 2-disc special edition DVD. (Totally pwned! They were sold out, yo!) While I was there, I had to get something for my aunt, and as I was walking up to the front of the store, I passed the international foods aisle. There, right on the end, was the German section. Naturally, I had to stop and check out the goods :)

They had quite an assortment - lots of Dr. Oetker (Backpulver, anyone? Vanilla sugar?), some of those "cake" mixes (the Kirsch-torte was even in German! They had the English instructions pasted on the back!), even my favorite brand of jam! (They did not, however, have my favorite flavor - raspberry peach. Bummer!) Mustard! Curry ketchup! They even had a lovely assortment of German chocolate, including those square wafer candy bar things PLUS Rittersport! Then I saw, among the purple Milka wrappers, my most beloved flavor: Noisette. It was like a beacon, calling me in. I could imagine the rich, creamy taste of the chocolate combined with the hint of hazelnut paste (lit. trans. of Noisette, I think).

Now I'm sitting here enjoying a few squares of my past. Mmmmm!


Jessica said...

I look forward to the days when I too can miss Edeka. :-)

Shall I send you something?

Bridget said...

'Noisette' sounds slightly more appetizing than 'hazelnut paste.' 'Hazelnut paste' reminds me a bit of spackle, or of putting up wallpaper. (i.e., Honey, you missed a spot; we need some more hazelnut paste in this corner!)

I miss Edeka as well! And oddly, I miss biking to the grocery store and balancing groceries on my bike handles. Never thought I'd get nostalgic for that.