Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spamalot rocks. How can it not, with an opening that goes like this:


England, 932 A.D. A kingdom divided. To the West, the Anglo-Saxons.
To the East, the French. Above, nothing but Celts and some people from Scotland.

In Guinard, Palace, and Difford, plague.
In the kingdoms of Wessex, Sussex, Essex and Kent, plague.
In Mercia, and the two Anglias, plague, with a 50% chance of pestilence
and famine coming out of the Northeast at twelve miles per hour.

Legend tells us of an extrodanairy leader who arose from the chaos to unite a troubled kingdom.
A man with a vision, who gathered knights together in a Holy Quest.
This man was Arthur, King of the Britains, for this was England!


In other news, I hope you have been cautious of the Ides this day. No betrayals from friends, or anything ("Et tu, Brute?")

Also, I found out that my insurance training starts on Monday, woohoo!

Don't be a fool, stay in school!


Jessica said...

I will make it a point to see Spamalot. :-)

Also, congrats on starting training!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad for you that this is finally happening. :-)

Nicole said...

Spamalot sounds interesting. =)

Ooh and good luck with the training! I hope everything goes really well. =)