Sunday, April 16, 2006

all in a night's work

MikeErnie2000: I'd rather watch Tori Spelling's show on VH1.
MikeErnie2000: PFT... just saw it on, and it's so dumb
MikeErnie2000: The show is sorta ridiculously funny though
Hetobeto00: Notorious?
MikeErnie2000: Uh.. yeah
Hetobeto00: Oh jeebus
MikeErnie2000: I think jeebus has little to do with that celebration
Hetobeto00: Or does he?
MikeErnie2000: Doubtful
Hetobeto00: Come on, Jeebus has to have a guilty pleasure.
Hetobeto00: Why can't it be Tori Spelling?
MikeErnie2000: Hahahahahahaha
MikeErnie2000: I'm getting a picture of Jesus sitting in a blue recliner, with a beer and cheetos, laughing at the television "oh Tori, you really are, SO NOTORIOUS!!"

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Anonymous said...

Jen -

I think both of you crackpots were dropped on your heads as children.