Saturday, May 06, 2006

Change of scenery

I'm blogging from a new location this evening. Kevin is in his kitchen, preparing what looks and smells to be a Moste Loveley Dinnre: tuna steaks encrusted (and he did use the word encrusted) with ginger and jalapeno, with a Japanese seasoning-seasoned rice (and I did use the phrase seasoning-seasoned) on the side. It's actually quite nice to have something a bit more exotic than hamburgers and french fries for dinner, especially when you a) don't have to make it yourself and b) have enjoyable company with which to share it.

He just asked me what I was blogging about; when I told him it was about dinner, he said I should blog about his soft hands. Yeah, he does have some wicked soft hands for a man, but hey, it just makes up for my gnarled retail hands at the moment. I'd try to find out his secret, but he doesn't have one. Go figure. I actually TRY to have nice, soft, moisturized hands, and he gets them without having to do any work whatsoever. Hmph. :)

Can I just say, though, to be serious for a moment (and I really hope I'm not jinxing anything), that I'm really quite happy. The whole work situation leaves something to be desired, but we try to make the most of the time we have when we've got it. I feel abnormally (for me) comfortable with him, which is both surprising and reassuring, because I can't say that it's been a common feeling for me around guys in my life. Anyway, yeah. I'll shut up before I lose all of my (five) readers, heh heh.

I'm really only blogging this because Jen asked me when I was finally going to blog about Kevin (who, incidentally, is dancing some variation on a salsa/cha-cha mix at the moment), so, Jen, this is for you. Hope you're happy, now!


Jessica said...

He cooks AND dances? My goodness, girl, hold on to this one. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wait, did I completly miss the introduction of Kevin? ~Pamela

Anonymous said...


I suppose the dancing dinner blog will work . . . for now.

Way to go for not telling Pamela.