Thursday, June 15, 2006

call for action

Okay, friends! I'm in DIRE need of a dessert recipe that a) is quick, easy, and painless; b) is non-perishable (it might be sitting in my hot car for 7 hours Sunday); and c) is really impressive.

Why? I'm having dinner at Kevin's on Sunday after work, but after dinner, the girl from whom he sublet his apartment is coming over to his new place for drinks. I'm responsible for providing dessert. That's what I get for flaunting my baking "talents" - ha!

He tried to give me a couple of recipes to potentially use, and while they sound delicious, I don't really want to spend my whole weekend making shortcakes from scratch and preparing a mint julep strawberry filling (recipe here).

Mostly I just want to be impressively domestic with a kick-ass recipe, so when I arrive, I don't have to scurry around the kitchen making something and then trying to look impressively put-together when she arrives...

Any suggestions?

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Nicole said...

Unfortunately I don't have any recipes that'll help but it's great to hear you and Kevin are still going strong. :D From what I've read he sounds very charming (especially with those Holiday Inn priority points... ;)) Hope you guys have fun! :)