Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where does the time go?

Whoops, it's been over a week since I last wrote an entry. Guess not much has been happening. Or at least, nothing I've really felt like writing about. So perhaps I will update based on what my friends are saying:

Abba posted a joke today:
A font walks into a bar.

"We don't serve your type," the bartender says. "And if you don't get out I'll call the serif."

Jess bought a suit and has an interview coming up. *squeezed thumbs*

Pamela is on her way to Ohio for her WEDDING this Saturday.

Jen will be back in America in a mere twelve days.

Cari bought a pizzelle. But I don't know what a pizzelle is. Anyone?

And Bridget should be back from Germany by now and will be here in Ohio on Friday. Well, after I pick her up in Detroit that is.

So you may have deduced (with your awesome powers of deduction) that I am going to the wedding on Saturday. I'm very excited to see people from school and catch up with them, as well as, naturally, see Pamela and Andrew get hitched! Should be good times all around! I hope our hotel has a pool!

Also, I got my hair chopped off on Friday. I will post a picture when I have an internet-ready photo to post!

And an interesting article for you to read: Interesting In- and Outpatient Attendances at Hogwarts Infirmary and St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies. (For realz, dude! A medical journal published it!)

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Jessica said...

Pictures! We want pictures!