Thursday, September 07, 2006

So, once again, I've lost track of time and not posted anything in over a week. Sorry! No one gets on my case to post more often, so I forget these things. Whoopsie-daisy!

Did anyone know there was a problem with "Ghetto Lattes" at Starbucks?

I've been incredibly tired lately. I think it's the change in the weather combined with the fact that I'm now driving Casey to school every day and working more than I had. Plus, I'm kinda-sorta cutting back on the caffeine, but only because I'm too lazy/cheap to imbibe any cola regularly.

The fitness thing has stalled. I did fairly well for the first two weeks, but after staying at Kevin's last week, I lost all motivation and haven't done anything since. It's very frustrating, but I just can't seem to get back on the wagon. Any tips or motivation?

I recently reconnected with a childhood friend. She's the admin assistant for my auto insurance agent, and when I had to run in to pay my bill this week, she was there and we got to talking. She gave me her business card with her number on it, but I misplaced it. Good thing she bought the house next door to one of my aunts!

Jen wants some coasters, so I'm on the lookout for famous/interesting works of art. Also, Kevin needs curtains for his place, so I'm on the lookout for interesting/boring curtains or a way to make some sans sewing machine. Or, you know, the right words to say so that I can convince him to buy a sewing machine for my -- I mean his -- use. Readers?

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