Thursday, November 30, 2006

Who doesn't love a little Doogie and some Les Mis? I know I certainly do!

Anyone surf around yet? I've been seeing commercials on tv for it, and I've only just now gone there to look. I have no idea what to get for the remaining folks on my list -- seriously, what do you get for a 14 year old boy?? And I'm looking for a few simple (i.e. inexpensive) yet thoughtful somethings to take with me to D.C. when I go with Kevin for Christmas. Heeeeeeeeeeeelppp!!

Also, if we make it through work tomorrow without any Incidents, I shall consider us a success. It's both the first of the month and the third of the month in the banking world, which means eeeeeeeveryone who gets a check gets it tomorrow. The only bright side is that it only lasts 8 hours and we don't have to do it again til next month! Anyway, wish us luck.

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