Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ah! Too many choices! New blogger or old blogger? I'm sticking with old blogger for the time being, since you CANNOT SWITCH IT BACK. Ack!

I'm out of it for the blogging season. I've lost my motivation and the thought of squeezing in a post or two or five before Christmas is giving me fits. Yipey stripeys, indeed.

Speaking of Christmas, I have but one present left to purchase. I know exactly what I am looking for, but I am at a loss as to where I can purchase it. Wish me luck tomorrow, as it's the only day where I can finish my shopping. After that, it's WORK until 5pm Saturday, which is when I've got to jet home and get ready for my family Christmas gathering before leaving a mere 13 hours later to head to Kevin's mom's home. UGH SO MUCH TO DO.

And for now I am listening to John Mayer and going to bed. Zzzzzz. Nothing like having to work at 11 am tomorrow instead of 8:45!

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