Sunday, December 03, 2006

I actually asked Kevin if he wanted to play Scrabble tonight. Generally, I avoid that game because I ALWAYS LOSE. Naturally, tonight was no exception. I only lost by four points, but I STILL LOST. Now I'll have to lose a bet to play that damn game again. Argh!


Jessica said...

I learned a new variation of scrabble recently. It's like double solitaire, if that makes sense. You ditch the board and each person makes their own scrabble matrix on the table in front of them. You take 7 letters at a time and once one player has used them all, you take 7 more, and so on. We don't keep score except to mark down who ultimately uses all 50 of their tiles first (or 33, if you're playing 3-way).

The game is awesome!

I think it would be fun if you
blogged every day in December. :-)

Bridget said...

I heard there is a new 3D version of can put letters on top of other letters to make new words. It solves the problem of "man, if only there were a P there instead of an H!"

I second the daily blogging in December. =)