Wednesday, July 11, 2007


For posterity, here are some of my predictions for the last installment of Harry Potter.

  • Harry will be victorious.
  • The trio will live.
  • Voldemort will die.
  • Snape will be on the Order's side, but ultimately will die.
  • Draco will be redeemed.
  • We'll see more of Dumbledore through Wizard portraits.
  • Neville will defeat Bellatrix Lestrange.
  • RAB is Regulus Black.
  • And the horcrux locket is really the locket the trio found at Grimmauld Place.
And in two weeks, I'll post the results. What are YOUR predictions??


Anonymous said...

i wondered how long it would take you to bring up harry...i'm guessing no movie yet since you didn't make any comments about it...


Jessica said...

I mostly agree with you... but I am thinking that someone else important (Hagrid? Ginny? Somebody's parent?) will probably die, and thus we will cry and be sad with the tears and the sadness.