Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yet even more Harry

Sooo.... it's been weeks since I've posted, and I am not going to stray from the trend of Potter related posts. Here's the review of the book that I submitted to my family's newsletter. Enjoy!


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, you know that magic has been in the air. On July 21, 2007, the final installment of the Harry Potter series -- "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" (DH) -- was released.

This book picks up mere weeks after "HP and the Half-Blood Prince" ends. Harry is about to come of age in the wizarding world, and the charm that protects him from evil Lord Voldemort is going to expire. But instead of heading back to Hogwarts as they have done for the past six years, Harry, Ron and Hermione will embark on a journey to destroy the Horcruxes (items in which Voldemort has embedded bits of his soul) so Harry can fulfil the prophecy revealed in "HP and the Order of the Phoenix" ("Neither can live while the other survives").

JK Rowling doesn't waste any time jumping into the action -- Voldemort is back, the wizarding world is too terrified to take him on, and the Order of the Phoenix (Dumbledore's secret anti-Voldie league) is in shambles after the death of their leader by one of their own. Nor does she hesitate to raise even more questions that we need answered (and yes, rabid fans NEED answers) before the end of the novel.

Is Dumbledore really dead? Is Snape evil? Is Harry a Horcrux? Who are the two characters that die? What will happen to Hogwarts? What (or where or WHO) are the Deathly Hallows? Rowling answers each of these questions and more as we travel with Harry on this adventure of life and death. Be sure to travel with a hankie, though -- while it is an immensely satisfying journey, it's definitely one that tugs on the heartstrings. Godspeed, Harry, and thanks.

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