Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Heather is....

wondering if it is worth the hassle (and 6-8 hours of driving on Thanksgiving!) to go to Pennsylvania to see Kevin's dad and sister and to meet the other half of his extended family for the holiday.

I have to work Wednesday and Friday, so I can't stay any longer than that. And it's about 3-4 hours each way, so 6-8 hours total.

Thoughts? Opinions?


Bridget said...

And there's NO WAY you can get Friday off? Ooh...that's a tough call. I guess it depends on how much you want to see them and what you'd otherwise be doing for Thanksgiving. Personally, I probably wouldn't go, but that's because I hate driving and that many hours in a car would drive me crazy. Also, I wouldn't be able to enjoy it because the entire time, I'd be thinking, 'Man, only 3 more hours and I have to get back on the road...' But if you want to meet them/see them again, then go for it!

Yeah, upon further consideration, I'd get Friday off...or call in sick, either way. ;-)

PS- hooray for NaBloPoMo! It's nice to read updates every day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget... you would also have the opportunity to meet Evie!!!!


Anonymous said...

would christmas be better???