Saturday, November 10, 2007

Prep day!

Today is the day in which I get my supplies for my Holiday Gift Crafting Extravaganza!

I'm kind of excited, but also a bit hesitant. I'm making some things I've never made before, so it's going to be a trial-run weekend as well.

Thankfully, Kevin has a digital camera, so I will take pictures as I go. Then, after the holidays, I'll post tutorials or something of whatever turns out really well!

Yay holidays!

I almost want to play Christmas music, but it is only November 10, and it's supposed to get up to fifty degrees day. Hmm. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather..... sure, go for the Christmas music already..... several radio station have and it is nonstop! Now that is overkill! But for this weekend while you are holiday craft shopping I would say "Go for it!"

Have fun

PS we want to see pixs of all your handiwork!

Bridget said...

Can I just tell you that the Christmas season over here starts before Halloween?! By now, the stores are all decked out, Christmas gift brochures are everywhere and Christmas-themed commercials are non-stop. Honestly, this is why people need Thanksgiving.

Have fun crafting!! If you have any easy and cheap ideas, send them my way... ;-)