Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, I am totally obsessed with finding a pair of nude colored heels for work! One of my managers has the cutest pair of pumps that she wears to work, and now I need a pair of my own! Also, I helped Janna pick out a pair of pearl-toned pointy-toed pumps on clearance at Macy's that I would've gotten myself if they'd been in my size.

On the pointy toe: I am fan. Don't worry about your foot looking huge. It won't. And don't worry about your toes getting squished; there's enough room before the point that your toes will be fine! Just do it!

(Disclaimer: I am going to use the rest of this post as an excuse to go window shopping online... if you find any amazing nude/neutral/can't-live-without-em shoes, please comment! Share the love!)

I found this pair (not a pointy toe, for those keeping track) at Target, and while they are cute, I am not sure that they would be "the most comfortable pair of shoes ever" as claimed by all of the reviewers (incidentally, who reviews something on!). I do enjoy the turquoise pair, and I would've bought them today if they'd had my size (11 or 11 wide for anyone who is keeping score!), as they are now on clearance at my local store. I've never seen the yellow or the black in person.

I also enjoy these. And they come in gray! Love it! I saw them at the store today and the colors are much more flattering in person.

Here's a pair of nude-colored leather slingbacks from DSW. Haven't quite been able to rock the slingback... they always fall off my feet!

Also, I totally love all of the vintagey-looking shoes (such as these!) that are out these days! I tend to dress in the same thing everyday at work, mostly switching up the color/pattern of my shirt, so I'd love to have some awesome shoes to spice things up a bit!


Nicole said...

Those shoes are so cute. I was going to vote for a particular pair, but I love them all! I've had to force myself to stop buying Mary Janes. At one point, I had about four pair in different heels and colors. Although the spectators are tempting...

Kristin said...

I have the turquoiseMary Janes and love them. I wore them to a symposium where I as up and down all day long and had no complaints. However I don't have much opportunity to wear heels so they just sit in my closet. Too bad you don't wear the same size...