Sunday, November 02, 2008

So, the sleepover part didn't happen yesterday, but that's okay. Janna and I rented a couple movies ("Mad Money" and "Baby Mama") and a game for the Wii ("The Price is Right"). We had a good time, but she had to work this morning and was going to have to go home before work anyway, so she just decided to head home last night.

Today I'm catching up on a lot of shows that I didn't watch last week, and Kristin, I have to completely agree with your "ew" assessment of Grey's... seriously, with the pigs? Also, I am sick of Izzy. She's slept with just about every man in the hospital, and now she's found true love with Alex? Right.

I'm also trying to figure out the rest of my Christmas crafts/purchases. It's tough... I've got one person done and I have a few ideas for the others, but really, I'm hitting a wall. No bueno, dude, no bueno! Only 55 (or so) days left, so if I'm going to be my super-crafty self, I've got to get a jump on it. Good thing I love Craftster!


Kristin said...

I'm really bad at The Price is Right on Wii...I loved the pigs part on Grey's. The ew was for the lesbian love scene and then Callie later sleeping with McSteamy.

Bridget said...

Woo, NaBloPoMo!

Re: Christmas gifts: I think my friends are getting handmade Christmas cards this year, but that may be it. Limited creativity + limited resources = limited gifts. Joann's and Michael's are having some decent sales recently, so you should check them out!

Also, at Joann's, I saw this awesome sew-your-own-retro-apron kit! Very 1950's housewife; they were very cute. So if you or someone you love needs an apron, there you have it. You're welcome.