Sunday, August 30, 2009


Kevin and I were in Detroit yesterday for the Tigers game. Beautiful day, had a great time despite the loss, blah blah blah. We got in the car for the drive back, and I seriously felt my blood pressure spike at the idiocy and disrespect of the pedestrians surrounding Comerica Park (and elsewhere, but this is my example).

People! Sidewalks are there for a reason. Get your fat asses out of the road before someone hits you! Also, use the freakin' crosswalks. There are 40,000 people trying to get home, and jaywalking in front of traffic (however slowly it is moving) doesn't help matters. You are lucky that Kevin was driving or I might've run you down.

I don't understand why people just assume that they have the right of way. On a crosswalk? Absolutely! I will stop for you, Mr. Tigers fan! Dart out in front of cars in the middle of the street? Forget about it. Just because you are on your feet and I am in a vehicle made of tons of steel doesn't make you better than me. In fact, if you get hit by a car when the car had the right of way, the driver isn't at fault! And you end up hurt or even dead. So use your brains, or however much of it you have left, and GET ON THE SIDEWALK!

(I got pretty steamed again as I was writing this post, so please let me know if it doesn't make sense!)

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