Saturday, November 21, 2009

Go Bucks!

It's that very special day in Northwest Ohio, kids! The Ohio State-Michigan football game is TODAY which means that all week long, people have been wearing their beloved scarlet-and-gray or perhaps their maize-and-blue and have changed their ringtones to fight songs.

Toledo is in a unique geographical spot -- yes, we're in Ohio, only a few hours from Columbus and the Shoe, but we're also even closer to the Big House in Ann Arbor. Families are torn apart over this intense rivalry, neighbor is pitted against neighbor, and even new United States citizens are encouraged to choose a team!

This is the game that can make or break a season. Last week, Ohio State clinched a spot in a bowl game, but if they lose today, it's like they might as well have lost all season long. And Michigan isn't having what anyone would call a good season, but a win today would change everyone's opinions.

Anyway, while I'll be cheering on my Buckeyes, I will be proudly wearing not Ohio State or Michigan, but a t-shirt from my alma mater, who last week clinched an undefeated season and won the NCAC. Today they'll be playing in the first round of the NCAA Division III Championship. Go Tigers!

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