Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! I had a lovely day with my uncle's family and then we went to see New Moon, which... while by no means was a good movie, certainly wasn't as terrible as I expected.

And somehow I've convinced Kevin to watch Twilight. I think this is because it's regarded as such a terrible movie that he doesn't believe it can be that bad. So far, it really is exactly as bad as people have said. Oh, the woeful dialogue! The stiff acting! The wretchedness! Let's see if we get through the whole movie tonight, or if I'll have to turn if off and continue the suffering this weekend.


Kevin said...

Don't forget the cinematography! It is the worst. Pointless cut aways to bizarre angled spinning shots, just to cut right back to a straight dialogue shot. And whoever was responsible for the mise en scenes should never be allowed to work in movies again!

K said...

Did ya make it all the way through? did ya? did ya? Im getting a copy of it for both you and kevin for christmas!!