Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's only Day 11

And I'm already tired of NaBloPoMo.

I went to IKEA today (sorry Bridget, I missed your call!) and didn't find much, which was surprising. Usually when I go to IKEA I can fill a whole cart full of just stuff! Today, I got two rolly crate things and a serving bowl. Whoopdeedoo.

But I did come to the conclusion that I'm going to do the baked good thing for Christmas. I thought about the bath stuff, but that'll be too much of an investment right now. Plus, I like baking!

So, if you've got any recipes you'd like to contribute, send 'em my way!


Marilyn said...

you are doing great with your blogging.... we are enjoying them. Keep up the good work. Think it should last all year!

Bridget said...

I agree about the daily blogging; some days, you just don't feel like being thoughtful or coherent.

No worries about the phone call, we'll catch up at some point!