Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kevin and I enjoyed a nice little dinner that we prepared ourselves - duck breast with mashed potato and celery root and a salad. I also lounged on the couch for most of the day trying to finish a book. It was a pretty relaxing day, which was sorely needed and will be my only break until next weekend, what with the big Ohio State-Michigan game on Saturday at noon, and then coffee with the family and Second Thanksgiving on Sunday. It will be a busy but fun weekend!

Now I must go to bed because, unlike most of you, I have to work tomorrow. There is no rest for the weary bank teller, even if she works in a branch that will be undoubtedly slow on Black Friday (One of the joys of not working in a branch that's residential or near any kind of shopping center!).

I hope everyone had a lovely meal and got to spend time with your loved ones!

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